World Jewry Should be with British Jews against Resurgent British Jew and Israel Hatred

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The history of the ebb and flow of British Jew hatred and consequent persecution by government and both the elite and ordinary of British society since the time of William the Conqueror in 1066 to this day, is fairly summarized in this article.

The take away from this history is that, in the UK, you just can’t keep an evil antisemite down for long, at least not until British Jews can find a way for society to rid itself of Jew hatred in all its guises – historical and modern – once and for all.

Today, British antisemitism is on the flow in both the context of historical, religious-based Jew hatred and that which is dressed up in the garb of anti-Israelism or anti-Zionism.

Jew hatred has found its most welcoming home among British society’s left-wing media and left-wing parliamentarians, including the opposition Labour Party led by Jeremy Corbyn, who denies he and his party are antisemitic, though their antisemetic credentials prove otherwise.

Due to mounting pressure, this past spring, Corbyn convened an investigative study to determine whether accusations of antisemitism on his part and that of his party were fair. Anyone who did not see the investigation as a transparent effort to whitewash the party’s antisemitism and give themselves some credibility in the denials of their core Jew hatred, would have to be gullible or blind.

Manfred Gerstenfield dealt with this in his piece The Highly Unprofessional Inquiry Into UL Labour Anti-Semitism.

To underscore Corbyn’s antisemitic credentials and perhaps his apparent oblivion to his own evil views, last month Corbyn compared Israel to ISIS, sparking a walkout during his speech.

But it is not just Jeremy Corbyn and his Labour Party that are morally corrupted by Jew and Israel hatred. That hatred is also present in the British House of Lords, personified by longtime Jew- and Israel-hater Baroness Jenny Tongue. Although that was earlier this year, her evil, Jew- and Israel-hating tongue will not stay silent, and she is now viciously alleging Israel is a major cause of global terrorism.

Local, national and international lay and religious Jewish leadership are well aware that antisemitism is resurgent throughout the EU, including in Britain. Antisemitism finds expression – by word and deed – in both historical Christianity and Islam, and anti-Israelism and anti-Zionism often amount to the same old theologically based antisemitism, dressed up in more modern garb.

Jewish lay and religious leadership should be actively taking stands against this resurgent antisemitism throughout the EU. They should be combining those actions with efforts to influence American and Canadian governments to press EU nations to take real and effective affirmative actions against the antisemitic evil growing in their nations.

Perhaps local, national and international Jewish leadership might be more effective if they focused their efforts on one country at a time, beginning with Britain, which has close connections to Canada and the United States. To that end, such lay and religious leaders should unite to bring their considerable influence to bear in aid of British Jews to empower them to stand up to the British antisemites of all stations in life to say ‘no more,’ ‘not now,’ ‘not ever again’ – and to help Britain make that happen.

Wishful thinking? Absolutely, unless Jewish leadership unites to takes up the challenge to help induce Britain to make that happen and then go on to make those same efforts in every EU nation.

David Ben Gurion is credited with saying, “In Israel in order to be a realist, you must believe in miracles.” Every Jew – for themselves and for their Klal Yisrael brethren, given the great existential challenges we have faced and still face today – needs not only that belief borne of faith, but also the will to make such miracles happen.

To quote Captain Jean Luc Picard of the TV hit series, Star Trek: The Next Generation, “make it so!”

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