A Word From Our Chairs: Online Hate❗Real-World Violence

Christchurch. Pittsburgh. New York. London. Tel Aviv. Bali. Barcelona. Quebec City. Manchester. Paris. Stockholm. Ottawa. Berlin. Hamburg. Jerusalem. Charlottesville. Normandy. Orlando. Brussels. Marseille. Mumbai. Charleston. Madrid. Philadelphia. Istanbul. San Bernardino. On and on it goes.

The thread that connects these cities and many more is that the terrorists – both white supremacists and jihadists – who carried out these heinous acts of violence were at least in part radicalized after consuming hateful content on the internet.

It is increasingly clear that online hate and radicalization can fuel and foreshadow real-world violence.

This. Must. Stop.

While most Canadians reject these dangerous ideologies, Canada is not immune from this threat which knows no borders.

The House of Commons Justice Committee recently announced it is launching a study on this issue. This is an important first step in developing a national strategy. Please help continue the momentum by telling the Justice Minister that this issue matters to you.

You have a role. Take Action!



Joel Reitman Jeffrey Rosenthal
Co-Chair CIJA Board Co-Chair CIJA Board


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