David Friedland

David Friedland was the National Vice President Finance of the Young Liberals of Canada from May, 2016 until November, 2017. He can best be described as an activist, and his involvement in LGBTQ2S+, Liberal Party of Canada and Jewish community causes has provided him with extensive experience in the non-profit world. 

David currently oversees the operations of a law firm practice in Edmonton, but has extensive experience in the business world, having worked for companies such as Scotiabank, JOEY Restaurants, and Staples.

Born in Cape Town, South Africa, he has called Edmonton home for the past 19 years. David has a passion for giving back, and he is especially passionate about his work to help smaller Jewish communities grow into more organized centres and to curb the tide of younger people moving to larger cities.

David Friedland's Posts

Throughout history, religious minorities — particularly the Jewish community— have faced discrimination. Though it is often concealed in a subtle, not overtly racist fashion,...

David Friedland
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