Survival of the Jewish People

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While the rest of the free world is trying to deal with the slaughtering of innocent people by terrorists committed to creating havoc and fear on every continent, here in Outremont, Mayor Marie Cinq Mars and most of her council is dancing to their own tune. It is as if they live in a bubble and have no idea what is going on outside their four cubits.

This is not the first time Cinq Mars has been in the news for harassing Outremont’s Jewish community. Last year she and her council tried to minimize the time Sukkoths could be up in Outremont. She lost that battle but obviously had much bigger plans.

On Monday night she and her council succeeded in corralling the Jewish community in their borough by voting that they could no longer open synagogues on Bernard or Laurier. To be sure, mosques and churches are not allowed to open either.

While we do not want to sound like Donald Trump we wonder aloud two things:

Is this bylaw aimed at Jews? If that is so, it is called anti-Semitism and they simply took the Charter of Values to its logical end.

Last time we looked, French Canadians lived alongside the Jewish community in Outremont. What does Cinq Mars think this will do to her community? Unite them or divide them? It will divide them further. Instead of trying to build bridges, the mayor of Outremont and her council – minus Mindy Pollack – are doing their utmost to conquer and divide. They have created an atmosphere of mistrust and hate.

Is this bylaw aimed at Muslims? Is Outremont trying to avoid mosques and the Jews are collateral damage? Most people thought that was the real reason behind the Charter of Values. Remember those pictorials? People were aghast at the niqab that covered a woman’s face. What part of the anatomy does the kippah cover: The top of a man’s head. No doubt the Jews were collateral damage at that time.

It sounds very much like Cinq Mars would be very happy if the Jews in her community would simply pack up and go live somewhere else. She is doing everything in her power to make their lives uncomfortable. We have a newsflash for Madame Cinq Mars: it won’t work.

Over thousands of years the Jewish people have dealt with and survived much worse than Cinq Mars and her crew. She will eventually leave and the Jewish community will remain. It would serve her well to start reading the news and see what is really going on in the world.

This whole saga has played itself out during Chanukah. One of the main tenets of this holiday is that we light the menorah, adding one light each night for eight nights.

A little bit of light dispels much darkness. Those running the City of Outremont are bringing more darkness to a world that is already much too dark. It is our hope that the lights of the collective menorahs of the Jewish people around the world break the cycle of darkness and bring us to a time when we can simply live together in peace and harmony.

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