Take Action to Make Our Community Safer

According to Statistics Canada, the Jewish community is the religious minority most frequently targeted for hate crimes.

In 2016, an antisemitic hate crime took place – on average – every 36 hours in Canada.

Each year, many of these crimes target Jewish institutions, such as synagogues, day schools, and Jewish community centres. Collectively, across Canada, Jewish institutions spends millions of dollars every year protecting the children, families, and community members who use these facilities. This includes the costs of purchasing and installing security systems, hiring guards, and training staff and volunteers.

The Jewish community is not alone in the fight against hate crimes. Sadly, other communities – including Christian, Muslim, Sikh, Black, and LGBTQ+ Canadians – also find their institutions the target of hate crimes.

While the federal government’s Security Infrastructure Program (SIP) helps some institutions cover the costs of physical security infrastructure, the program does not fund security guards and training. This is why we urge the Ontario Government – as well as other provincial governments – to provide funding to community institutions to complement the federal program.

This could include provincial funding to train staff and volunteers in security procedures, as well as funding to cover 50% of the costs of hiring paid-duty police officers to protect institutions at key times – such as synagogues during the High Holidays or special events.

Are you concerned about this issue? Let us know by adding your name and email address below. We will keep you updated and alerted to key opportunities to raise this issue with Ontario’s leaders in the coming months.

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