Jewish tradition upholds the centrality of ethical obligations to one’s neighbour, which often connects to modern concepts of social justice.

These moral imperatives have spurred Jewish Canadians to act on behalf of the less fortunate, toward the goal of making the world a more just and equitable place. This has particularly motivated action toward the eradication of poverty.

Like all communities across Canada, the Jewish community is not immune to poverty, with approximately 13% of Jewish Canadians living below the poverty line and struggling to cover their costs of living.

The Jewish community has a long and successful track record of providing programs and services aimed at alleviating some of the strain imposed by poverty on individuals and families. Through the provision of employment, family and immigration services to the Jewish community and beyond, Jewish community and social service agencies seek to provide critical assistance to individuals who might otherwise “fall through the cracks.” Through the generosity of philanthropists and a large donor base, Jewish Federations across the country seek to break the cycle of poverty and to empower individuals to realize their goals and succeed in supporting themselves and their families.

It is essential that government provide financial incentives and support that will enable agencies, foundations, and grassroots community organizations to continue their important work. We also lobby for government development and funding of programs in the areas of employment, housing, and community support services.

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