2014: Operation Protective Edge

Key Facts

  • Operation Protective Edge was launched on July 7, 2014 following incessant rocket fire from Gaza aimed at more than a million Israeli civilians
  • The operation selectively targeted Palestinian weapons caches, smuggling tunnels, and terrorist commanders
  • Terrorist operatives in Gaza responded by expanding the range of missile fire into Tel Aviv thus extending missile threat to five million Israelis – more than half the population.
  • Although the IDF took great caution to protect civilians, including dropped leaflets, phone calls, and text messages to residents of Gaza near target areas, Hamas used Palestinians as human shields
  • After 50 days of conflict, an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire agreement was finally reached on August 28, 2014

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In late June and early July 2014, terrorists in Gaza fired more than 300 missiles and mortars from Gaza into Israel, targeting a population of more than one million Israeli civilians.

Those terrorist attacks constituted double war crimes with Hamas targeting Israeli civilians while using Palestinian civilians as human shields. Israeli leaders repeatedly stated that quiet would be met with quiet and actively worked to pursue an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire – an initiative consistently rejected by Hamas.

On July 7, Hamas chose to increase the number of attacks dramatically, firing at least 80 missiles in 24 hours. In response, Israel launched Operation Protective Edge, intended to restore calm for the civilians of Israel. Like any liberal democracy, Israel has both a sovereign right and a responsibility to protect its citizens from attack.

Operation Protective Edge selectively targeted Palestinian weapons caches, terror tunnels, and terrorist commanders. Terrorist operatives in Gaza responded by expanding the range of missile fire into Tel Aviv thus extending missile threat to four million Israelis – half Israel’s population.

As part of its standard operating procedures, Israel operates with great caution to protect civilians, frequently cancelling missions on particular targets when civilians are found to be nearby. In Operation Protective Edge, extensive warnings were made by the Israeli Defence Force, including dropped leaflets, phone calls, and text messages to residents of Gaza near specific target areas.

Israel’s actions were entirely dependent on the actions of Hamas. Although Israelis sought de-escalation throughout the operation, the conflict continued until Hamas finally chose the path of calm over continued violence by accepting and adhering to the Egyptian-brokered ceasefire agreement.



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