A Year in Conversations

CIJA is proud to share with you A Year in Conversations, an innovative initiative designed to help families explore, address and engage in discussions around topical, contemporary issues facing Israel and the Jewish world.

This interactive and comprehensive user guide outlines eight themes, each sub-divided into three sections geared to Children, Teens, and Adults. Each section indicates, with the following icons:


Both from recent studies and from our work with educators, administrators, and community leaders, we know the home is still the primary source of fostering a cultural and emotional connection to Israel. A relationship developed and nurtured in the home is the greatest indicator of future action and commitment to Israel and the Jewish community.

This guide provides a platform for lifelong learning and increased connection to, and interest in, Israel and issues of importance to the Canadian Jewish community.
CIJA acknowledges with thanks the contribution to this guide by the Israel Engagement Committee of UJA Federation of Greater Toronto.

We hope you find A Year in Conversations to be useful, relevant and thought-provoking.

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