Israel and Her Supporters Must Now Go On a Preemptive Public Relations Offensive against Hezbollah

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Except for sensationalized reports of the Obama administration’s overwhelming frustration with Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu and of ordinary Palestinians, incited by their leaders, murderously terrorizing innocent Israelis, reports of which too often portray Palestinian terrorists as victims, our North American media don’t report much on Israel these days.

The news today is dominated by reports of the U.S. Presidential election campaign, the fledgling Canadian Liberal government’s efforts to put their promised policies into effect and the consequences flowing therefrom, the so-called Syrian crisis and the turmoil and instability in much of the Muslim world, including the wanton, savage terrorism of a number of evil, fundamentalist Islamic organizations that have victimized both fellow Muslims and non-Muslim Westerners and threaten to slaughter and maim many more.

Speaking of fundamentalist Islamist organizations, we must not ignore Hamas and Hezbollah. They are right on Israel’s doorstep and control many radical Islamists in the Fatah party and the Palestinian Authority which, in their radical, Islamic, genocidal-minded, Jew-hating fervor, are unswervingly dedicated to destroying Israel.

Hezbollah in particular is now gravely concerning according to a recent IDF Report IDF Officer: Hezbollah’s Military Activities in Lebanon Similar to Before 2006 War.

In summary, the report reveals that, since the close of the 2006 Israel-Lebanon (Hezbollah) war, in spite of UN Security Council Resolution 1701 forbidding the transfer of weaponry to Hezbollah, Hezbollah nonetheless is today far more lethally weaponized as a result of Iran breaching that UNSC Resolution from the outset.  The world turned a blind eye to Iran’s perfidy and Hezbollah’s consequent re-arming.  Further, according to the IDF, Hezbollah has become experienced in battle fighting in Syria in support of Assad; they are closely monitoring IDF movements and, with the apparent willing or purchased consent of Lebanese civilians, are digging deep into civilian areas. Obviously Hezbollah is again setting up to use so-called innocent Lebanese civilians as human shields.

One should also be mindful of the recent Obama-led P5+1 nuclear deal with Iran, which is also silent as to Iran’s Islamic terrorist export business. That silence enables Iran to carry on arming, providing war-adaptive technology and otherwise making Hezbollah a much greater existential threat to Israel than it was back in 2006.  It is prudent to recall that, even in 2006, Israel’s war against Hezbollah (Lebanon) was judged to have been poorly executed and a failure.

Now forewarned, Israel must ensure she is forearmed, and that means she simply cannot afford to make the mistakes made back in the 2006 Israel vs. Hezbollah war.

It is a given that Israel will again be at a distinct disadvantage with Hezbollah employing the tried-and-true militarily criminal tactic of using civilians as human shields.  Hezbollah is again counting on the world ignoring its responsibility for civilian Lebanese human shield casualties and will blame only Israel therefore.

Unless something is done now to sway international opinion, when war comes and Israel’s righteous, justifiable efforts at self-defence lead to Lebanese casualties through the use of human shields, the world will likely again ignore Hezbollah’s evil, blame Israel alone and come up with yet another litany of anti-Israel antisemitic UN Resolutions.

Israel can, as before, wait until Hezbollah strikes to begin making its case as aforesaid. Bear in mind however, that such public relations efforts during the 2006 war had very limited success.

Given that, with a new Israel-Hezbollah war almost certain, the better course for Israel and her supporters now is to launch a major pre-emptive public relations counter offensive to expose Hezbollah as the genocidal-minded, Jew- and Israel-hating organization it is. More broadly, however, such peremptory measures should be to reveal Hezbollah as part of the whole radical, Islamic, Jihadist movement that Westerners (and even many Muslims) see as nothing short of pure evil, just one facet of which is their use of civilians as human shields.

Such a preemptive public relations strike against Hezbollah holds promise that, without the fog of war to confuse facts and minds, the world just might get the message this time and be moved to try to restrain Hezbollah from starting another war with Israel.

If Hezbollah can’t be so deterred, then chances are better that international opinion might thereby be moved to be more understanding and forgiving of Israel’s just and righteous self-defence measures. A war would inevitably cause some Lebanese human shields to be casualties, but the West might be more willing to put the blame for their deaths squarely on Hezbollah and consequently to hold Hezbollah painfully accountable.

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