Pathetic Pandering

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Joannie Tansky, The Exchange

The opinions expressed by contributors shared on The Exchange do not necessarily reflect the policies or the positions of CIJA, its staff, and its board of directors.

The world is talking about the tragically growing number of Syrian Refugees. What is your view? As Jews, is it our duty to help them? And if so, how?

Are you kidding? This Syrian refugee crisis has been created, produced and continues to be fostered by all of the Arab countries. Why aren’t they taking in their beloved brothers and sisters? Because they don’t want what comes with them. Tribal warfare. That sadly will be coming to Europe in a few years.

After what has transpired in Israel in the past ten days – the murders and stabbings of Jews simply because they were Jews – why in the world would a Jew want to help the ‘poor’ Arab? They want us dead. They want Israel obliterated. That is a fact. The bleeding heart liberals live in a world where anyone who cries hard enough or looks sad enough gets their stamp of approval as well as their money.

Does anyone think for a second that only Syrians are trying to get into Europe? About one in seven ‘refugees’ has ‘sympathies towards’ terrorist organizations such as ISIS. Prime Minister Harper is very right to tread carefully. Each and every refugee has to be vetted thoroughly and completely. If there is any doubt as to their story, they don’t get into Canada.

To add to the fray, the picture in today’s Montreal Gazette spoke volumes and was simply appalling.

It depicted a few Arab women ostensibly shrieking and screaming over the killing of one of their sons who had stabbed an Israeli. That is the picture to be shown? The Arabs are teaching their children to hate and murder. They dance in the streets when a Jew is killed. They laughed and jeered as Mrs. Benitah ran through the Arab market with a knife in her back after watching her husband stabbed to death.

Why is the world pandering to murderers? Why should anyone let them in anywhere?

Golda Meir had it right when she said when they will love their children more than they want to kill us, we will have peace. Sadly, at this moment in our history, we are very far from that moment.

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