Our Own Worst Enemy

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I write a bi-weekly news blog called The Blanche Report (theblanchereport.com) and usually stay away from Israeli politics as it is often just too infuriating to write about. Last Thursday was different. A thirteen-year-old girl was stabbed as she slept in her bed in Kiryat Arba, which is part of Hebron. A seventeen-year-old male – referred to as a Palestinian terrorist – committed the murder. That term is very clinical. He is barbaric, not a terrorist.

Although not a surprise, when I checked various news sources, there was very little mention of the murder in news outlets outside of Israel.

I couldn’t help but wonder what the bleeding-heart Jewish Liberals, who march for the downtrodden Palestinians, would think about this. They say the ‘poor’ Arabs are very frustrated after years of being cooped up in tent camps. But is that any reason to murder a child sleeping in her bed?

Conservatives are often said to have tunnel vision. I’m conservative and I don’t have tunnel vision. Arabs understand strength. If people cower, gives into their demands and believes that Israel is the cause of their miserable lives, we have a bridge to sell them in Syria.

Israel started out the same as the same miserable conditions the Arab countries did – in the desert with no water, no plant life, and no infrastructure. Where is Israel today? And, where are the Arabs today? When they were given Gush Kativ with its stunningly beautiful and incredibly creative infrastructure, what did they do? Within 24 hours they had destroyed the entire town.

Here’s the Israeli government’s response to last week’s murder:

Following the stabbing, Israel put the assailant’s village, Bani Na’im near Hebron, under lockdown, and revoked permits for his relatives. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to seek the demolition of his house soon.

Bibi ‘vowed’ to demolish his house ‘soon’? Nauseating.

Raze the entire village to the ground and make his family and everyone else watch what happens when you murder Jewish children who are sleeping in their beds. And do it for every town that harbors and keeps these people festering. The world couldn’t care less about us, which is why there was very little commentary on this child’s murder.

Pandering to the rest of the world will not garner anything other than more murders in our own backyard. We cannot fathom how anyone in this day and age can actually believe that those living in Gaza are underdogs. They are pawns used by their own people and have been for two generations.

Things will change when the Arabs are allowed to start living like human beings. When monies given to them by the rest of the world to upgrade their infrastructure actually upgrades their infrastructure and doesn’t go to build tunnels, buy guns or build rockets or homes for their elite. When their leaders will give them hospitals, schools and proper housing. Until that time, the bleeding-heart Liberals are literally throwing good money after bad to the wind and the blood of that thirteen-year-old Jewish girl from Kiryat Arba is on their hands as well as the savage who murdered her.

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