For over 100 years, the Jewish Federation of Ottawa has been serving Ottawa’s growing Jewish community of more than 15,000. Its positioning within the nation’s capital affords the Federation the unique opportunity to advocate in respect of both domestic and international issues of interest to all Jewry. This history and work continues to frame the efforts of our Local Partner Council. The LPC in Ottawa is chaired by Jonathan Freedman. As Ottawa is home to the University of Ottawa and Carleton University, it provides a stimulating environment and can be a hotbed of controversy for advocacy issues generating meaningful dialogue among young adults.  Through Hillel, our campus professionals and students work to further the needs of the student community. The LPC also fosters programs that promote interfaith dialogue and inter-ethnic understanding.

For information on how to get involved in Ottawa advocacy activities, please contact Allyson Grant.

For more information or to get involved email us here.

News from Ottawa

Evidence Room

Visitng the Evidence Room – Sheila Robertson, Architect Zachary Colbert, Muriel Korngold Waxler, Judy Young Drache, and Batia Winer. “The Evidence Room,” which summarizes...

Sheila Hurtig Robertson

If you have ever seen police guarding your shul during the High Holidays, I urge you to keep reading and join us in taking...

Photo: Annette Wildgoose, a CHES committee member, receiving Mayor Jim Watson’s Proclamation of the Day during International Holocaust Memorial Day 2018 at Ottawa City Hall....

Sheila Hurtig Robertson

Photo: Ambassador Barkan at CHES Forum for Descendants with moderator Prof. Rebecca Margolis and panelists Prof. Jan Grabowski, Elin Beaumont and Lawrence Greenspon. The program...

Toby Herscovitch

Photo: Shlomit Sufa, Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of Israel, with Judith Young-Drache and Mina Cohn at “In Recognition of John Hirsch” on Nov...

Toby Herscovitch
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