Toronto Mayor John Tory and Councillor James Pasternak welcome CLIC delegation to Toronto City Hall


Councillor James Pasternak condemns Israel Apartheid Week while welcoming the CLIC delegation to Toronto City Hall during yesterday’s council meeting. The delegation also met with Toronto Mayor John Tory. Watch here or below.

What is CLIC

Thirty Israeli students and young professionals, representing different communities, interests, and professions, were selected to take part in a new and innovative leadership course highlighting Israel’s multicultural society.
CLIC fellows are currently traveling to different communities in Canada to meet and interact with different groups and organizations. The group will try to leverage these meetings into a meaningful exchange of ideas by focusing on shared values.

CLIC Vision

To forge strong, long lasting relationships and collaboration between young Israeli leaders from various ethnic, religious, and social backgrounds with their peers around the world while showcasing the diversity and multiculturalism of Israeli society.

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