How Do We End Antisemitism?

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Photo by Quinn Dombrowski

It is exactly 2.12 a.m., Monday morning August 13th, and I am writing a letter to the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs. Am I crazy? Why am I not asleep like all 87-year-old people? Because at this moment, all over the world, antisemites are abusing Jews, lying about Jews and, if I may be so bold, killing them — for absolutely no reason.

Jews are the same as people of all other nationalities and religions, and Israel is like all other countries — doing much good on some occasions and not so good on others. In 1939, there were 16.6 million Jews in the world. Today, there are about 13 million and yet there are antisemites who still claim the Holocaust did not happen.

It is quite obvious to me that whatever organizations like CIJA, Simon Wiesenthal, and Stand With Us are doing to eradicate the ever-lasting scourge against Jewish people worldwide is not working. Einstein said you cannot expect different results if you do the same experiment over and over again using the exact same ingredients. We need a change.

This is what I suggest.

The three aforementioned organization should work together to hold a march to City Hall. Each Jewish person should come to the march with five to ten of their non-Jewish friends. Speakers should be diverse — representing all major religions and many different nations — and should talk about the challenges that Jewish people have faced throughout the last two millennia. This event should be held once a year for the foreseeable future but always as a common effort of all the Jewish people acting together.

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