Your Voice Counts! Winnipeg Grassroots Consultation

Every year, we invite community members like you to participate in Grassroots Consultation sessions across Canada.

The sessions provide participants with the opportunity to ask questions, share their ideas and concerns, and shape our advocacy efforts for the year ahead.

From combating antisemitism and strengthening Jewish community security to advocating for human rights and building support for Israelis, everything we accomplish is because of you.

Here are the results for our 2019 community consultation in Winnipeg.

  • Help improve Israel’s image
  • Continue to promote social justice issues aligned with Jewish values (economic, social)
  • Call out BDS movement on the Palestinian “right of return”
  • Community security
  • Combatting antisemitism through education and awareness

Questions? Email us. If you were unable to participate in person, please click here to complete our survey.

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