Exciting News for Jewish University Students…

Are you a university student or the parent of one? This update is for you. 

CIJA’s Campus team is constantly thinking about creative ways to empower Jewish advocates on campus. This includes hosting Israel missions for student leaders, building new Canada-Israel academic ties, distributing 30,000+ pro-Israel giveaway products and fact-cards, funding pro-Israel campus events, and offering advocacy training to empower students fighting Israel boycotts.

We’re proud of all that we have achieved on campus in collaboration with Hillel, including helping students defeat multiple boycott-divestment-sanctions resolutions in the past year alone.

We’re also excited to share that – for the first time – university students will have access to a single, comprehensive guide to Jewish life on nineteen campuses from coast to coast. In partnership with CIJA, Hillels across Canada have just launched Going Somewhere? The Canadian Guide to Jewish Campus Life. Click here to download your free copy now.

The guide addresses virtually all aspects of Jewish student life, providing a campus-by-campus breakdown of key details such as: 

  • Jewish student population numbers
  • Jewish social opportunities
  • Popular Jewish housing locations
  • Kosher food options
  • Jewish studies programs
  • Israeli university exchanges
  • Tips on getting involved in advocacy and student government
  • Paid internships through Hillel

For many in our community, Going Somewhere? is the missing piece of the puzzle when it comes to choosing a campus: it provides details that just aren’t available in Maclean’s or any other university guide. Students and parents alike will find it removes a degree of uncertainty from a process filled with questions, and it will make it easier for first-year students to connect with their community when they arrive on campus.

The university experience is exciting, memorable, and life-changing. For Jewish students, it can also bring unique challenges – particularly for those who get involved in advocacy and encounter anti-Israel activism. One look at Going Somewhere? confirms that no Jewish student should feel alone or uncertain about where to find help. Our community offers extensive programs and professional support to ensure that every Jewish student can succeed on campus, be effective advocates, and grow in their Jewish identity.

I am grateful for the dedicated professionals at Hillels across Canada (particularly at Hillel Ontario, which played a vital role in this project) who worked closely with CIJA’s campus team in creating this great new resource. Going Somewhere? is one of those things I wish I’d had at my fingertips before I started school – and I know many of you will agree once you take a look.

If you are a student, the parent of a student, or know someone who is about to begin university, please forward this email and encourage them to download their free copy now.


David J. Cape
Chair, CIJA

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