The International Community’s Stated Desire for a Two-State Solution Rings Hollow

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With the passage of the anti-Israel UN Security Council’s infamous Resolution 2334 in late December and the Paris Mid East Peace Conference set for January 15th, 2017 Shimon Koffler Fogel, CEO of Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA), Canada’s foremost pro-Israel advocacy organization, wrote Paris Summit: Building Israeli-Palestinian peace from the ground up.

Assuming that the Paris Peace conference “underscores the continued desire of the international community to advance Israeli-Palestinian peace,” Fogel proceeded to offer his advice that Canada, conference attendees and the international community can make “an immense contribution in channelling the international community’s good intention into constructive action” to build a sound foundation to support a Two-State Solution (TSS) peace process, not as before from the top down, but with a fresh ground up approach:

“…In concert with its international partners, Canada has made a tangible difference in bolstering Palestinian institutions, economic development, civil society and the rule of law in the West Bank. This reflects a broad-based, multipartisan understanding that a negotiated agreement will not materialize in a vacuum, but must be built on a foundation of security, economic opportunity, and good governance… 

” To ensure the most effective use of resources, Canada should encourage partner countries to adopt a Canadian model of comprehensive oversight for international assistance to the Middle East.”

What has the international community done to help realize a TSS that warrants Fogel’s faith in and praise for their good intentions?

What international community accountability oversight regarding welfare aid showered on Palestinians for the past 40 years is Fogel talking about?

It is indisputable that a majority of the international community; the UN; UN agencies such as UNRWA, UNESCO and the UNHRC; and many international organizations and movements such as BDS, are all pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel, antisemitic or both. 

Despite the international community pouring billions of welfare dollars into the Palestinian Authority (PA) for decades, Palestinians remain a dysfunctional welfare society.

Most of that funding has been stolen by Palestinian leaders and misappropriated to fund terrorism, brainwash Palestinians with hatred, keep dreams for Israel’s destruction alive, push the UN and world leaders to grant them an independent state that satisfies all their demands, avoid negotiation with Israel (UNSCR 2334 gets them pretty darn close), and otherwise squander the seemingly infinite flow of welfare dollars coming from the international community – the West in particular.

The net result is that Palestinians have never had good and lawful governance, freedom of speech, security, economic opportunity, or a civil society.

Just one of countless articles chronicling the aforesaid Palestinian history of misusing the welfare it has received is Khaled Abu Toameh’s What Are Palestinians Doing With U.S. Money?

The international community must bear much responsibility for this dysfunctional, lawless, corrupt, repressive, welfare and anti-peace Palestinian state of affairs.

The international community has rarely used its power to impose any oversight, let alone comprehensive oversight and accountability strings to the welfare aid they heaped on the PA. And, they have rarely, if ever, took salutary actions against the aforesaid Palestinian misdeeds.

Similarly, because the international community has failed to provide oversight of the funding it gives UNRWA, UNRWA has gotten away with aiding PA leaders and Hamas in their hate-based efforts that serve to only obstruct and undermine any chance a TSS can be realized.

Just two recent reports typical of countless others in this regard, can be found here and here. The referenced study concludes that UNRWA is very much part of Palestinian leadership’s propaganda efforts to inflame Jew and Israel hatred among Palestinians.

Earlier last year, Fogel recognized the ugly reality of UNRWA’s pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel, and anti-peace perfidy in his article Why Canada should not restore funding to UNRWA

In spite of Fogel’s sage counsel, Canada restored UNWRA’s funding, which had been put on hold by the former government, stating they would impose accountability to ensure the aid was used for its intended purposes.

With that, CIJA could only call on Canada to be good to its word that it would hold UNRWA accountable.  PRESS RELEASE: CIJA Responds to New Canadian Funding for UNRWA

B’nai Brith Canada also came out with a communiqué, much tougher than CIJA’s, saying inter alia: “Until we are certain that UNRWA is operating at a standard in line with Canadian values and expectations as it relates to human rights, we should not be providing this organization with taxpayer-funded dollars.”

It is fair to ask why we should believe that Canada will ensure its funding of UNRWA and to the PA will be used for its intended purposes this time.

Even if Canada does so, its contribution is a mere fraction of the total funding UNWRA the PA receive from the international community, which has routinely failed to hold either them accountable.

This fact – along with the international community routinely giving Palestinians a pass for their intractable Jew and Israel hatred, intransigent and increasing demands, broken words, empty promises, and incitement to murder Israelis, while pressuring Israel to make concessions for peace and mendaciously blaming Israel for the stalled peace process – only encourages more such Palestinian treacherous, immoral and evil misconduct.

The international community thus deserves not credit, but discredit for the significant role it has played in the name of desiring a TSS peace deal – a role that has only served to undermine any real chance of a TSS being realized.

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