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Dear Premier-Designate Ford and Mayor Tory,

Thank you for your public rejection and condemnation of the hateful rhetoric expressed at the annual Al Quds Day rally in Toronto, an event established by Iran’s totalitarian regime to promote the destruction of Israel.

In recent years, the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) has monitored and exposed examples of hatred and extremism at the event. Examples include incitement to violence, calls for Israel’s destruction, the promotion of anti-Israel and antisemitic conspiracy theories, and the display of symbols associated with terrorist groups that are banned in Canada. This year was no exception. In one illustrative example, a speaker called for the “eradication” of Americans, Israelis and Zionists against the backdrop of hateful placards and the flags of terrorist organizations.

This should be of grave concern to all Ontarians and Torontonians. Antisemitism is a telling indicator of the overall health of a society. Those who target Jews ultimately threaten the freedom, equality, and security of all.

Ontario and Toronto are among the most accepting societies in the world and Canadians widely reject the type of hateful sentiments that are expressed at Al Quds Day. We look forward to working together as you take concrete action to protect these core values and support the Jewish community, which is targeted with hate crime more than any other group in Toronto.

We note with appreciation that politicians from all levels of government, including MPs Michael Levitt and Marco Mendocino and Councillor James Pasternak, echoed your rejection of public spaces being used as a venue to promote messages that sow hatred and fear.

There is no place for antisemitism and hatred in our province or in our city.

Thank you for your leadership.


Barbara Bank, Chair
CIJA Toronto

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