Tell the Prime Minister: Canada must oppose UN resolutions aimed at isolating and delegitimizing Israel

On November 19th, 2019, in a stunning reversal of fifteen years of Canadian opposition to the annual U.N. ritual of Israel-bashing, the Government of Canada voted in favour of an anti-Israel resolution at the United Nations.

The previous Canadian policy to oppose these motions was based on a recognition that the UN had been hijacked to advance an anti-Israel agenda. Regardless of the substance of any particular resolution, Canada decided that it would not lend energy to that charade.

They upheld that pledge…until this week.

With one vote, the Government of Canada has undermined both an important commitment and an important principle.

Join us in taking 30 seconds to tell the Prime Minister: This vote feels like a betrayal. Canada must oppose the entire process of singling out Israel unfairly at the UN.

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